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What type of wealth are you building? Did you know some types are more dependable than others? This video focuses on establishing wealth that is more likely to be there when you need it the most.


Having a Financial Model can help to verify whether or not we are making progress towards our Wealth Objectives. The Protection Savings and Growth Model looks at all 27 places where we can make a money decision.

This Guest Post from Elizabeth Wine takes a look at how women are thinking about the financial decisions that they face. Elizabeth Wine is a Freelance writer from New York City who frequently writes about finances and financial planning. Elizabeth is a fellow contributor to Financial Planning Magazine, where this article was recently posted. She takes a deep look at here at the results of a recent survey from Prudential Financial.

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Women Still Underserved But Receptive to Financial Advice


Whether male or female we all face financial decisions. How do you feel about your decision making process? Would you feel better if an advisor had helped you to test and formulate a plan?