Never Surrender


Have you ever considered raising the white flag?


Of course the implication is that raising the white flag is an act of surrender or defeat. Over the course of my 20 year career in Financial Services I have encountered a number of instances where advisors were ready to throw in the towel or to continue with the theme, raise the white flag. Being totally transparent I have felt that way on a number of occasions. The stakes are too high; you must continue to do battle.

Giving up doesn’t always indicate that you are quitting all together; It could mean that you are giving up on growth. Completely at ease with the status quo. Another way to state this feeling is that complacency has won.

Younger advisors often times struggle to gain traction and consider an early exit from a phenomenal business of serving others. Managers often fail in mentoring new advisors due to a lack of knowledge, time or skill. Who knows maybe they are feeling a little beat up themselves. So, it is possible that a new advisor hasn’t found the right mentor or partner. One which will inspire them and teach them how to continue on to victory.

Have you ever had any of these feelings? If so, this could be an opportunity for you to engage, learn and grow your business. Whether new to the financial advisory, insurance or planning business you will gain new energy, techniques and skills which can immediately be put into practice.


What You Will Learn


Our team works in processes. So much of the items you will gain are process driven which means it is easily replicated and repeated, over and over.

Partnering with us for training allows you to walk away with:



All you will learn


The course fee is $2,500. This is a one time cost that benefits you and your clients for a lifetime. Please contact me directly to discuss your personal situation and different payment structures. There are scholarship options available as well for those who qualify.

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