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Isn’t it amazing how some advisors seem to make it look effortless? 

Why is that? What do they know that others do not or at least seem to struggle with?


If these questions resonate with you, then this book is for you! Over the past twenty plus years I have been blessed to learn from and be surrounded by some of the best in the industry. This book shares many of the major tweaks and minor tips that I have picked up over the years.
It isn’t enough to simply have a good practice! Frankly it is more important to have a great life while you enjoy that practice of serving others. We will dive into having a process that goes deep with your client personally, what makes you attractive to others and highly referable. Also, how to have multiple lines of revenue with each client that are larger than you ever thought possible. Even simple ideas like office location and the production that is necessary for an engaging meeting and more.
My hope is that you will take what I’ve gleaned over the years and use it to serve as many families and businesses as possible.
Contact me directly should you ever want one on one coaching regarding your practice.


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