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Challenge The Process

October 15, 2016 — Leave a comment


Challenge The Process TB


Every so often organizations should step back and be disruptive. By disruptive I mean challenging the status quo or as the title indicates our normal processes. Is this a good time for your organization to take a good look at your mission and the way that you go about facilitating your mission? Has your team drifted into just plain ol’ plain ol’ boring?

As with any group or organization you stand on the shoulders of the hard work and dedication of those that have come before you. Many times as organizations grow, they rely on a “the way that its always been done” mentality. Other times organizations can even drift from their original intentions. I never want to be disrespectful to those who have created the systems and processes that are currently in use. However, we need to make sure that we are always looking forward and continuing to be relevant. Often times that means being a little disruptive.

So, I would like to challenge each of you to think hard about your company, church, team, division etc. and ensure that you are doing a great job of building on top of what already exists. Below are some ground rules to consider as you embark on disrupting the status quo.


Rules of engagement


As you begin, here are a few ground rules that I believe to be important for organizational growth and unity.
  • Think Big!

    Bigger than you’ve ever previously thought about your job, company team etc. Lets make sure that we approach this without any limiting beliefs.
  • Publicly

    Be a “Raving Fan” of all that we are doing as an organization. Our fans or clients will be attracted to an organization of people who are positive.
  • Privately

    Be “respectfully critical” Lets be open to blowing up old and new ideas about the way we are approaching our business.


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What we Do



As a leader have you ever felt as though you were the only one who was engaged or motivated?


Business is vastly different than sports. In sports teams play together for a stated length of time (the game/season) and it’s easy to see how well the team is competing (the scoreboard). In contrast, business never ends and the score isn’t always evident. So, if you are leading a company, division, church staff etc. you must act differently than the coach of a sports team.

As leaders of organizations we are typically very clear as to why we started the company or endeavor. In fact, we even likely told the employee when they were hired about our vision. Maybe it’s the very reason that person chose to join the organization. However, the mundane competes each day against the vision. Therefore we must continually re-inforce the Why which creates the What we do each day.

Most people want their work to have a larger meaning than to simply make money or to provide the basic needs of life. So if you are leading an organization and feel that you are the only one who is engaged I want to encourage you to not hide your Why for the organization. When you share your Why there is a tremendous ripple effect that occurs but it must be repeated and re-iterated over and over. In fact it is our job as leaders to cast the vision of where we are headed. Continually casting that vision of “what is possible” creates a level of discontent and motivation for a good employee. I’ve listed below some of the positive ripples which occur in an organization where the leader regularly casts their vision and the Why behind it.

Sharing your Why,

  •  makes you vulnerable
  •  makes you accountable
  •  lets the team know if progress is being made towards the greater good.
  •  inspires others to join your mission.
  •  ensures that the organization stays on the right track.
  •  focuses energy and resources in the right direction.
  •  gives good employees creative license to come up with better ideas or the What to do each day.
  •  allows you to share your faith or belief system.
  •  makes you a Real Person.


So this idea of sharing, being vulnerable and accountable makes you a person that your team can identify with and follow. Remember that people do not work for companies they work for people.


This sharing process isn’t a one-time event. A good leader continues to share and live out the Why daily! Being a leader that inspires is important but this also makes sure that everyone is inspired and headed in the right direction. Which, I believe is what every organizational leader desires; an organization where everyone is in sync and on a mission.


Don’t hide your Why!


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