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Adulting 101

March 19, 2020 — Leave a comment
A Pandemic? Really? Quarantined… with the entire family? Oh come on! Strange events have led many of us to have more free time than normal. 
As per our normal MO, at Drive Planning and The Life You Can Afford to Live, we seek ways to increase productivity and a better life. We wanted to share with you some ideas that will prove more valuable than binging on Netflix, although there will likely still be plenty of time for your favorite series and more.
You’ve probably heard the millennial jokes and maybe even experienced some of the basic things that kids from the 90’s to now, do not know. So, while we have a few minutes let’s take time to educate on some of the basic adult tasks that we take for granted.
We call it Adulting 101!


• Adulting 101 •


Here are a few topics to consider but certainly not the only topics. Allow these ideas to get you thinking about other fun ways to educate and spend some meaningful time having fun.

  • Write a check
  • Balance a checking account
  • Open a Savings Account on-line
  • Create a budget
  • What are Stocks and Bonds?
  • Find Real Estate for Sale
  • What is Debt?
  • How Interest Works
  • Something They Love That Could Be a Side Hustle
  • How to File Tax Forms
  • Pay Bills
  • Scan Old Photographs
  • Drive a Manual Transmission Vehicle
  • Start a Blog
  • Set up E-Mail/ Unsubscribe from Spam
  • Prepare a Meal/Cook
  • Book a Vacation
  • Write a Letter/Old School Snail Mail
  • Send a Fax
  • Clean a Room
  • Play Cards
  • How to Introduce yourself to a Stranger
  • Create a Resume
  • Create a BucketList/With steps needed to get started
  • How to Search for a Job
  • How to Start a Business
  • Share Old Music with Them
  • Roller Skate
  • Check The Oil in a Car
  • To Do Laundry
  • Schedule a Dr./Dentist Appointment


We recognize this isn’t an exhaustive list of potential adulting tasks. This list will get you started towards a good education but what we’ve seen so far is that it will get you laughing and communicating with each other. When the attention spans begin to wane well there are plenty of good shows to watch! You could even watch some funny classics from our day….. Fletch, Ferris Bueller, Friends.

The lists can go on forever!


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