Think Tank

Who do you surround yourself with that inspires you? Is there someone that challenges you to think differently? Maybe it is a group of people, an advisor or a consultant.


This morning I was in a meeting and learned that a business colleague was working within a group of high level leaders as a facilitator. This group described themselves as a Think Tank. This group of uber leaders included a former President; numerous CEO’s and church leaders. It is impressive to think that these successful people still were working to explore new ideas and to think bigger than ever before.  After all of their success they were using their knowledge and influence to continue creating a tremendous impact on our society.


So, I will ask again who are you surrounding yourself with to inspire you to achieve more? Have you established a time to think bigger? I want to encourage you to take an intentional approach to establishing the proper group in which you surround yourself.

Go out and create your own Think Tank!

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