It’s Your Move


We all desire to make good decisions, right?


Of course we do.


Is there a decision around the corner that you’re struggling with making? How about a decision you’re simply doing your absolute best to avoid? How do we know what the right move is and when to make it?


Unfortunately, life does not always provide us with a clear financial path to follow. In games like chess or monopoly, the game board dictates our next move. Some experts in these games can actually visualize two or three moves ahead. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a game board for making your personal financial decisions? Just think, this type of game board could, A) provide a way to test or verify all possibilities prior to defining your strategy and making your next move, and then, B) test that strategy prior to seeing it play out in the real world, where as you know, the consequences of our decisions can be enormous. A tool like this can mean the difference between success and failure at a time when, at least in my way of thinking, failure is not an acceptable option.


Imagine what your life would look like without that one poor financial decision. Imagine what your family’s future could hold if we worked together to minimize, or better yet…  eliminate, financial mistakes. Would that mean less stress for you? Could that lead to bigger opportunities for your children? Would you have the freedom to give more?


This kind of tool would be, and is, PRICELESS!


Over the next two posts we will be taking a look at the various aspects and strategies of the financial decision making process. Stick with me and don’t forget, “It’s Your Move”.


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