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Labor Day, Eh

Everyone enjoys Labor Day but how did it get started and why? We probably should take a few minutes out of our picnic today and thank our Canadian friends. Although political rhetoric and in-fighting is at an all time high; the fact remains that The United States of...

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Invest in What You Love

They say to Invest in What You Love! I have always loved Vacation Real Estate. It has a lot of great attributes that you may also love. Here are a few from my list: Cash Flow: It pays you frequently and never really stops. This income can replace what you do for work....

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Habits: 7 Habits of The Ultra Successful

If you’ve ever known anyone ultra-successful, you know that they can appear to be a different breed. We’re not talking about someone that’s a straight-A student and goes on to make $250,000 per year. We’re talking about people that win gold medals, become...

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Own The Day

Each passing day can seem inconsequential, but the totality of your days is your life. So, each day matters a lot. If you can get the most out of each day, you’re going to have an amazing life! However, conquering the day doesn’t happen by accident. It requires focus...

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The much maligned millennials should get credit for creating a philosophy which is actually more sound than that of our parents or grandparents. F.I.R.E. was born from their lack of desire to conform to some of the old school methods that have frankly been beaten into...

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Post Covid-19 Action Plan

As we emerge from this Global Pandemic it has left many people changed whether for the better or worse remains to be seen. Any time there is a traumatic experience regardless of the type of tragedy or unfortunate event the most important measure is often times how you...

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