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There is a bravado and appeal that comes with the phrase, Bullet Proof. 
However, most people never apply that same feeling or phrase to their personal finances. This book was designed to provide a step by step guide for creating the financial confidence that everyone desires.


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I would like to invite you to be a part of the initial publication launch.

This is my first book written which provides a step by step, do’s and don’ts. While we always advocate that a team approach works best for your finances but occasionally people need a resource which they can use to verify their decisions.
In this book, you can expect to learn:
  • Techniques and Strategies to design the cashflow (NOW) to help you live the life that you desire.
  • How much insurance should I own? (Auto, Home, Liability, Disability and Life)
  • What should I do about a Will and related documents?
  • How much should I save?
  • Where should I place my emergency reserves?
  • What are the safest investments?
  • What type of wealth should I build?
  • How to plan for retirement? and when to retire?
  • and much much more…..
This book was written during the Covid-19 Pandemic which is still on-going and disrupting many people around the world’s lives, families and finances. I have input knowledge that I have gained from helping thousands of people across my 23 year career in the financial field.


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