A Trireme

A Triwhat?


In approx. 480 BC the Greek military forces used this awesome ship in battles to propel through the water at greater speeds than ever before in history. It’s uniqueness was that in addition to a sail set on a high mast, it was also propelled by 170 oars arranged in three rows. The Greeks knew they could sail when the wind was at their back, but sometimes, when the water was choppy or the wind was silent, they would need to row.


Now please don’t judge me on my historical facts or nautical knowledge here! And don’t “jump ship” because this financial person is trying to somehow make a connection between a huge boat from 480 BC and investing in 2009.


The point is this:


We must approach investing in a similar fashion. To be successful, different climates call for different measures. As certain as there are times when we can sail comfortably with a good or prudent asset allocation, there are also times when we must row. It’s in these times we must utilize a tactical, more strategic approach.


To successfully navigate the financial tides, your investment advisor must create a platform that supports both your sailing and rowing!


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