A Creative Office

When you were a kid you would have likely gotten punished if you had written on the walls. Now as a creative adult or more importantly a leader in your office; I want to encourage you to write on the walls! Office dynamics can become stale and uninspiring. Ensure that your office fosters creativity. Creativity is evoked through all of the senses, so make sure that you are focusing on all areas.


Some of the best ideas are developed when people are allowed to be creative, but also when the ideas are teased out through collaboration sessions. Collaboration sessions are most effective when someone shares the concept, maps it out and a group of talented, inspired and fully engaged team are allowed to brainstorm and refine the idea. I believe that the magic happens when this session occurs well ahead of any deadlines. Allowing the idea to be tabled for a period of time and then revisited allows for additional creativity to influence the concept. So leave the sketches and brainstorming ideas up where people will see them, think on them and develop the idea until its Perfect!


So design your office with ample wall space that allows enough space for all of your teams projects. That takes a lot of wall space, but don’t overlook engaging all of the senses to promote its success.


Certainly a simple idea, but one that many offices miss.


Get out of the stale environment and allow the genius to come out of your team! 


What are some additional ideas that you see in successful offices?


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