Credit Sesame Contributing Author

Credit Sesame was founded on a very simple principle: Assets – Liabilities = Wealth. Seems to make sense so far, right?


While there are many financial advisors focused on assets, few if any focus on liabilities, which can be as important if not more so. Like many of you know that is one of the reasons in which I have utilized the Protection, Savings and Growth Model for 16+ years now. Credit Sesame serves as the financial advisor for your credit and loans.

In 2010, they assembled an All-Star Team of Engineers, Scientists and Serial Entrepreneurs with deep expertise in credit and loan analytics to bring to you Credit Sesame.

Recently Credit Sesame approached me to become one of their contributing content bloggers. It is an exciting opportunity for me to expand my reach. Credit Sesame has 6 million customers worldwide. Hopefully the in-sight that I provide to my Drive Planning clients and on-line followers will also enhance the lives of the Credit Sesame followers.

My first article on their site is The Sugar Shak Principle.

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