Freedom of Choice

This weekend we will honor those who have served our country and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. To the individuals who have given their lives and to those who fought along side of them; we owe a tremendous amount of gratitude. If it weren’t for these heroes we wouldn’t enjoy many of the luxuries that we do today.


The products that we have today are due to freedom. The freedom for entrepreneurs to think BIG or outside of the box. Or freedom for our creative community to write books or make movies that expand our mind. I personally don’t always think of freedom when I use a telephone, read a book, drive a car, explore the internet or simply open the refrigerator where there are numerous choices of foods to eat. At least for this weekend I hope that we take pause and say thanks for the modern conveniences that we enjoy. It is likely that
we wouldn’t have these if it weren’t for those who provided us with freedom.


Have a great holiday weekend!

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