How Do You Define Success?

For a child measuring success comes in many forms. Most of which we are really familiar with like, grades, batting avg., wins or losses in sports or other competitions. How about when we become an adult; How then do we measure success? Far too often it is measured by your career or more accurately stated how much money you have or make.


As most of my readers know, I have served my clients for the past 20 years primarily assisting or directing their financial or business planning. In that realm we are definitely measured by how well we are doing financially. All to often I have seen individuals who had plenty of money but weren’t very happy. If asked they would have even shared with you that they didn’t even feel successful. I have shared this story over the past few years with people and it is either met as an in-explainable phenomena or agreed with entirely. It all depends upon the person receiving the message and where they are personally and financially.


So what do we do with this knowledge or question about success? I asked myself this question a few years ago and ultimately it led me to create Drive Planning. My firm, Drive Planning aims to create an intentional approach to becoming a successful person. But it still begs the question as to what is a successful person?


Reviewing numerous case studies and interviewing numerous individuals. Taking into account social status, economic status, gender, age and cultural differences; we established three areas which we needed to focus. The three areas being Relationally Rich, Physically Fit and Financially Free. The research found that if a person were to create measurable and attainable goals which are continuously sought after in these areas they will reach what we believe to be success!


In an effort to continually refine our process I would like your feedback. We have created a 3 Question Survey which is free, quick and anonymous. Please take 3 minutes and provide us with your insight.


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