Leadership Style


How are you leading? I didn’t ask are you leading. I believe that all of us are leading in some way, whether it’s a corporation, friends, family, in our church etc. everyone influences in some way. Since we are now clear that we are all leading or influencing others, how are you leading?




This question was one that I was recently exposed to as a part of a program that I am involved, Leadership Johns Creek. I am honored to have been included in this 9 month project where business and community leaders partner to better the Johns Creek community. At a recent retreat we were able to examine our individual leadership styles. This self-assessment was administered by dynamic business and leadership coach Dianne Young. Dianne is the Founder and an instructor at Propel Training and Development.  Dianne shared with us the curriculum to assess our leadership style. The five different types of leadership styles are:

  •  Challenging the Process

        * Search for opportunities/change             

        * Try new approaches

  • Inspiring a Shared Vision

          * Envision the future

          * Enlist others

  • Enabling Others to Act

          * Foster collaboration

          * Strengthen one another

  • Modeling the Way

         * Live the vision

         * Commit to shared value

  • Encouraging the Heart

          * Recognize individual contributions

          * Celebrate accomplishments



The five leadership styles listed above were created from the research and studies of James Kouzes and Barry Posner. They were the authors of Leadership Practices Inventory. If you would like to learn more about which style you demonstrate contact Dianne Young.

This was a valuable exercise for me to understand not only my style, but I believe it is important to know how those around you lead and like to be led.

Are you developing your leadership skills? If so, what tools are you using for either growth or assessment?

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