Marketing Like Coke and Budweiser


How to Achieve Top of Mind Awareness Using Social Media


Coca-Cola and Budweiser, two of the largest beverage giants in the world both share one common problem……. Any ideas? Even with the billions of dollars that they pour into marketing their drinks neither has the ability to actually make you thirsty! So these marketing giants literally flood your senses at every high school, college or professional sporting event utilizing television, billboards, scoreboards, social media, giveaways or whatever method they can dream up in order to be there when you do get thirsty. In marketing terms this is called Top Of Mind Awareness or TOMA.

 At DDS Financial we primarily serve doctors and dentists who suffer from a similar plight as Coca-Cola and Budweiser. Whether a dentist or medical doctor our clients can’t create pain or illness in someone’s body, however they can be there for them when it does occur. So like the beverage industry they also need to create marketing strategies in order to have Top Of Mind Awareness for the people that they want to serve.

Creating Top Of Mind Awareness often involves using Social Media to create and enhance Brand Awareness. Follow these four steps to improve your brand awareness.

 1. Target Your Client

Design specific marketing campaigns that target your client. Always remembering that your client is the person who decides whether your product or service is purchased. Being very specific will allow you to tailor a campaign that is very personal and easier to engage your client. This is often more cost effective than casting a wide net and allowing your marketing dollars to be wasted on those who do not use, can’t afford nor has the authority to make the purchasing decision for your product.

 2. Build Your Brand

Establish a consistent message that allows your brand to become recognizable. This comes through frequent and creative communication that demonstrates your brands personality yet establishes your brand as an expert in your field.

 3. Create a Conversation

Customers feel appreciated when their opinions make a difference. So don’t allow your message to be one sided; use surveys and other methods that promote the sharing of ideas and feedback. A sense of loyalty occurs when a customer feels that they are “on the inside” or an integral part of your business. Loyal customers become advocates and actual champions for your business. Seth Godin, one of the brightest marketing minds of our time, calls this building your tribe.

 4. Reward Your Tribe

Contests and Giveaways keep your loyal customers engaged and talking. This is exactly what you want people talking about your brand. These types of fun programs or events are the most frequently shared through social networks. So literally when you create a contest/giveaway you are in essence creating your own buzz and allowing your tribe to have something to talk about both in person and on-line. Keep the frequency high and fast paced to avoid a boring or stale message.

Following these four steps will increase your brand awareness. So just like the largest marketers in the world you will become “Top of Mind” to those around you, and you don’t have to spend millions of dollars to get there!

These are four steps that we encourage. However, we would love to hear additional ideas that you have seen work. So please comment below, on Facebook, LinkedIn or twitter to share your ideas!



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