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Spending my career in the financial services business has afforded many great opportunities, frankly I believe it is one of the greatest careers one could choose. However, over the years I have seen it done well and sometimes not so well! Being allowed to write for Financial Planning Magazine has allowed me to document some of these thoughts and concepts. Below are some of the Best Practices that I have learned and worked to implement into mine and my fellow consultants practice at DDS Financial.

Articles Below:


Audit, Embrace It!

Most cringe at the word, Audit, however this type of Audit should be added to your overall planning practice.

How Advisors Become a Triple Threat

For years, advisors have waffled their way into utilizing social media, but most are failing.

What it Takes to Build a Family Office

Wealth managers are still struggling to create a full-service family office practice on a mass scale primarily because most advisors still aren’t taking the entire family into consideration. Here are some ideas that can help.

Why Independence?

At Ashworth and Sullivan we have been asked numerous times why we chose to become an independent planning firm. It’s the best choice we have ever made and here are the reasons why we made the move.

The Turnaround Artist

The 5 ideas that we learned from Jim Pohlad, owner of The Minnesota Twins. How he turned the franchise around could/should be a guide for every small business owner. See if these ideas could help your practice.

Stay Current

I am often asked, “What do you read on a daily basis?” This post identifies some of the material that i look at first in order to stay current.

Do The Math!

The math of any plan is important, but not the only facet to consider when planning. Here are 5 on-line calculators to help better do the math of planning.

Retirement Planning Atop The Three Legged Stool

Retirement Planning can get complicated; Here is a way to simplify the thought process for your clients. Focusing on three areas, Lifetime Income, Long Term Care planning and Legacy building will help you to get started with the important matters first.


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