Rich Dad Poor Dad Part 1: Three Types of Financial Education

1. Academic: This is obviously the most common type of education where we learn reading, writing and arithmetic. This is an important and foundational area of education.

2. Professional:  The training we receive along the way to becoming a doctor, lawyer, accountant, web designer, etc. This area is often times set up by our success in the academic area.


3. Financial:  Where we learn about money and how it works. Unfortunately, the academic community does a poor job of teaching us about money. It’s as if they believe money is the root of all evil. The truth is that the gap separating the rich and the poor is widening. This is due in large part to the lack of financial education most people possess.


I encourage you to become diligent in regard to your financial education. In my practice, I must often times assume the role of educator with my clients. This is similar to the philosophy of The Rich Dad Companies, founded by Robert Kiyosaki.


At the end of the day, we are here to help, but you must also be responsible for your own education!


(Please note: I am not affiliated, in any way, with Robert Kiyosaki or The Rich Dad Companies, but do encourage you to visit, or to contact me if you would like to discuss these topics in greater detail, or begin implementing them into your own wealth building strategies.)


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