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People are often asking me what I read for business. Well, I read a great deal of books and publications and am quite flattered that people would care enough to ask. I have begun to post my reading list on LinkedIn. Typically the LinkedIn reading lists are geared more toward books than frequent publications. Maybe I will dedicate a future post which is devoted to my favorite publications.

I recently found a great on-line resource for staying current on a daily basis. It is very important as an advisor to stay current in what is happening in business, world events, technology, politics etc etc. Yet it isn’t always convenient to sit and read The Wall Street Journal, The Atlanta Journal, Business Investors Daily, Entreprenuer Magazine, Money Magazine, Research articles, Morningstar Reports every day. The great service that I mentioned is from Business Insider. They have a subscriber service which delivers a daily e-mail to your inbox with the exact news that you find relevant. The service allows you to tailor which e-mails you want ranging in topics from Technology, Entreprenuers, Markets, Travel, Politics, Sports, Breaking News, Google Investor and many more. The e-mail/article formats are simple as well with titles such as:


10 Things In Tech You Need To Know
10 Things You Need To Know Before The Opening Bell
20 Things That We Learned From (insert recent current event)
8 Best Apps To Download

I love the quick and easy nature of always having current information in my inbox as well as conveniently located in my smartphone. Plus the expansive list of topics that you can choose from based on your personal interests. A great resource which is entirely FREE!


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How do you stay current?


I challenge you to sign up and comment below about your initial experience!

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