The Crops Are Gone

In a matter of moments the entire 250 acres of crops had been devastated! Last month, hail and torrential rain ruined the year’s crops for a dear friend of mine.



If you know anything about farming you know that all year you plan, you sweat and talk about the harvest. The harvests results determine your year’s profits, losses; your income. So, my friend lost his entire years’ work (in a 20 minute span) to something entirely out of his control, Mother Nature. Imagine for a minute how that would have felt. For many that would have been emotionally and financially devastating. This farmer’s faith and good planning didn’t allow this unfortunate event to devastate his spirits or his family’s financial wellbeing.


As for the crops and his income he had purchased crop insurance. He stated, “I would never skimp on something like insurance, it is protecting my livelihood.” These are extremely profound words from a good farmer and business person! He went on to say, “It will not be as good a year as it could have been however; it’s not going to ruin us!”


What are your valuable crops?


Is it your income, your life or other assets?


If you lost your crops within the next 20 minutes; what would happen? How would you and or your family move forward?


Have you placed maximum protection on that which is most valuable to you?


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