The End of Creativity

A creative person isn’t always someone who comes up with cutting edge graphics or new technology. There is creativity in how well we explain ideas or concepts. There is creativity in the ability to inspire and motivate those around you.

So, is it possible to run out of creativity? Can you reach the end of your ability to be innovative? No more fresh ideas?


I would suggest that it is possible to reach the end of your creativity if you aren’t open to refilling the brain with new ideas. If you aren’t consistently learning, your ideas are only derivations of your old ideas. Leaders who aren’t refueling their mind can certainly become stale. It is possible to be a fifty year old who is stuck with the ideas and innovative abilities of their 20 year old self.


Whenever our team at Drive Planning shares our Personal Development or Leadership Development courses with businesses or teams it is our goal to deliver ideas which are fresh. More importantly it is an opportunity to allow each employee in an organization an opportunity to hear a message that they may not ordinarily cross paths with in their busy schedule. Think about the opportunity to learn from nationally recognized Leadership Influencers like Andy Stanley, John Maxwell, Michael Hyatt, Kelsey Humphries, Seth Godin, Robert Kiyosaki or Lewis Howes; What a gift! These are some of the brightest minds and thinkers of our generation.

We often see business owners insist on doing all of the training and teaching within their company. Which is admirable, but that leader better be constantly refueling with new ideas. Even with the most voracious reader or continual learner it is still a good idea to introduce your team to different presenters. Even presentation style introduces a new element of creativity and inspiration.

Leaders be diligent in your learning. Take an intentional approach to your personal growth. Be open to spending your time and money on:

  • Books
  • Podcasts
  • Events
  • Classes

Are you guilty of ignoring your personal development?


Don’t bump up against the end of your creativity. Being engaged in your personal development will allow you to keep your message, delivery and ideas fresh. Share with me the ways you continue to refuel your creativity on Facebook or twitter.


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