The Point Leader

point leader



The Point Leader of an organization often times means that they were simply the first to show up or has stuck around the longest. We believe that the point leader primarily sets the direction, tone and culture of an organization. Here are some traits of a good leader:


  • Hires Well – Meaning they invest in talented people who are smarter than they are! We refer to this as Human Capital
  • Creates Autonomy –  Provides an environment for others to freely make decisions.
  • Creates Redundant Systems – Organizations thrive and can scale when there are good systems in place. Human Capital, Marketing, Tax and Accounting.
  • Invests – Invests in their business by investing into their people and systems.
  • Incentivises –  Creates a culture of win win! This allows the team to be really motivated by what matters, productivity.


Far to often we see organizational leaders fail in these areas. By not investing in good talent and their personal development; the average leader of an organization feels forced to make every decision. This breeds a negative environment for team members and over burdens the leader.


The organization becomes or continues to be solely a one man show.

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As we have discussed before a one man show creates the lowest valuation for any business. Don’t fall into that trap.


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