The Smart Travelers Guide To Preventing Identity Theft

cardThis is a guest post that adds value to one of my most popular posts ever, Tips For Preventing Identity Theft. It unfortunately is becoming all to common to hear about this happening. Allow me to introduce you to Valerie Cecil, a Research Assistant for, spends as much time traveling as she does writing. Follow her and the rest of the Guest Door group on Twitter: @guestdoor – be sure to say hello!


Whether you’re planning a business trip across the globe or traveling with your family on a much-needed vacation, identity theft is not just something you hear on TV or the Internet. It’s very real – and if you don’t take the proper precautions, it could ruin what should be a fun trip to a new destination.

According to an article in Technorati, more than 11.6 million Americans fell victim to identity theft during 2011, a 13 percent rise from the previous year. We’ve put together some quick tips to consider before you leave – and while you’re traveling – so the same thing doesn’t happen to you!

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