The Sugar Shak Principle

While at Rosemary Beach this week, I had the pleasure of taking my six-year-old twins to the famous Sugar Shak Candy Store for a treat. While it would have been easy to think we were only there for the candy, it turns out the Sugar Shak provided a great lesson. From the thousands of candy choices available (and I’m not even exaggerating) my son quickly chose to get a big, heaping scoop of delicious Chocolate Double Fudge Brownie Ice cream. Great choice! I know because… well, lets just say I know and leave it at that! On the other hand, my daughter’s approach was a little more thoughtful. She decided to go with a seemingly lesser candy – Jelly Beans. However, these Jelly Beans weren’t your everyday run-of-the-mill Jelly Beans. These Jelly Beans were packaged in a small cart, pulled by an Easter Bunny riding a wind-up tricycle. Upon leaving the Shak, a client of mine, who obviously has great taste in candy, was entering the store and laughed as he commented, “Smart girl! When the candy is gone she still has a toy!”


Later that same day at the pool, I met a very dynamic woman who is also a Rosemary Beach homeowner. As we discussed a number of things, her interest in investments and the economy became apparent. Like me, she said that she loves to buy things that also work to provide an income. Take for example her vacation home. It stays rented throughout the year.


My thoughts immediately raced back to the Sugar Shak! At the end of the day, while she makes a great income off of her vacation home, she still has a house that she absolutely loves! Not unlike my daughter, who enjoyed her Jelly Beans, but loves her new toy!


You know, every day, I see so many examples of people voluntarily giving away their toys. More times than not, I see it in College and Retirement planning strategies. As I work with my clients, one of my greatest goals is simply to make sure that, at the end of the day, they too can keep their toy!


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