Voter Apathy

I shared this message today at The Fulton County GOP Breakfast. Thankfully I was able to express my thoughts on an important matter, Voter Apathy.

Recently I was a part of an electoral process which brought out 5.3% of the overall community to vote or 9.7% of those who are registered to vote in my city. However, most everyone that I spoke  with throughout the campaign process had definitive thoughts, complaints and opinions regarding the way things are being handled.

We have a society whom is equally angered about the red cups at Starbucks as they are about Americans being beheaded around the world. Yet they aren’t angered enough to choose who represents their positions on these matters.

My charge this morning was to ignite the leaders in our community and business’ to look for and create opportunities which educates those younger than 40 to vote. We must stop the generational apathy which exists within the 30 to 50 year olds of our society. A group, my peers or at least the same age bracket, which is heavy on complaints yet short on action.


“Voting is one of the most simple acts but is a hallmark of our freedom, yet all too often ignored.”

                                                                                             – Todd Burkhalter


The first step for those who care enough to complain is to vote. We welcome those who should choose to go further and offer actual thought regarding a solution. We must remain vigilant if we desire to create a community that isn’t a victim of complacency. This was my message this morning to a group of 75 affluent North Atlantans. Hopefully, it hasn’t fallen on deaf ears.

We can’t forget that freedom isn’t free. Many have gone before us to pay for the freedom which we enjoy. Freedom requires our continual effort to maintain.

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