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Would you love to feel great? Of course! Our goal at The Life You Can Afford to Live is to provide you with insight and strategies to feel great and live the best life possible. Our most common focus centers around business and personal financial strategies but we can’t ignore the body that God has given to us.


Health Tips


Below are a few of the best ideas that we’ve personally used to create great health. We encourage you to make these a part of your routine since great health doesn’t happen overnight. It must be continually sought after each day. When things become routine or part of your habits they get easier but until then we must make conscious decisions to succeed.

Below are a few of the health tips that we love!

Daily Exercise

Seems obvious! Getting your heart rate up and blood pumping has such an impact on every facet of life.


This chilly experience is a game changer. 3 minutes in the Cryo Chamber reduces inflammation which is where disease thrives. The most immediate impact is a faster recovery from workouts and it dramatically reduces soreness from working out; Not to mention those aches and pains that come with aging.

Sleeping with a Humidifier

This is the easiest health tip ever. I’ve written before that this is the best health tip ever and I still believe that to be true. This nightly routine keeps your nasal passages moist thus allowing you to fight off airborne viruses that we encounter all the time. Experts say that it is good for your skin but the primary benefit is simply avoiding illness.

Daily Skin Care

Everyone wants to have a great tan but no one wants the longterm negative effects of sun damage. Utilize sunscreen daily not just when going to the pool or playing outdoor sports.

Massage Therapy

This is often seen as a luxury item however, there is substantial proof of the health benefits associated with getting a massage. Stress reduction, improved flexibility and circulation are few of the benefits of this treat.

Go Vegan

Yes, I definitely saved the most difficult for last. The greatest contributor to great health and even poor health is what we put into our bodies. As many others have done, we learned about the positive attributes of a Plant Based Diet from the popular Netflix documentary, What The Health. We personally have countless stories of those who have made this change and reduced/even eliminated medications and feel tremendous. It can be a difficult transition at first, but once you learn what and how to eat it is a lifestyle change that you will enjoy. At risk of sounding fanatical we will stop there:)


These are a few tips that we have gained from ourselves. How about you? Let us hear from you on any of our social media channels. Continue the conversation on LinkedIn, twitter or facebook.


Find additional tips at Schedule Your Success and Automation

Have you ever wondered how some people accomplish so much? Even, how some people make life look easy?


Individuals or even couples that succeed in life do not just leave it to chance. Most often they have a mission in mind and the steps to achieve the mission laid out in front of them. I personally call that Being Intentional. People who aren’t intentional often times can skate through life and get by, however eventually that lack of purpose or attention to the details that matter can catch up to them. When certain life events happen at the wrong time or if it occurs in a large enough way the consequences can be tremendous, possibly even insurmountable. When people have life circumstances that impact them in a large way they appear to have been battered and abused by life, like an old flag that is worn from being pushed around by the wind for too long. If that is you there is hope! If you don’t recognize these traits congratulations, but take greater control now.


I would like to encourage everyone to take charge of your life! Become that person that lives with great purpose and is on task towards being the best person that they can be; for those who are married to become the couple that you wanted to be when you were first married. Recently, I have redesigned my business to help individuals and couples live with greater intention.


Nobody sets out on any particular day to wreck their life. It is generally a slow slide with consistent apathy which allows it to ultimately be lost. I have chosen to establish a program that creates a very intentional process for three of the most important areas of anyone’s life. The primary areas that we focus on are Health, Relationships and Personal Finances. To many these three areas of focus may seem unrelated, however I would suggest that when each of these three areas of life are thriving, you are at your best. Let’s take a closer look:




The busy nature of life and the demands on our time often force the attention on our health to the backburner. The demands on our time allows us the excuse that we don’t have time to exercise. However, eating properly or improperly is a choice that we make about 3 to 4 times each day. The fact is that many do make time to exercise daily. There are even small things that we can do to change our daily routines to increase our overall activity level. Everyone is capable of choosing to eat well just like everyone is capable of making time to exercise or simply become more active as a part of their daily routine. These things are a choice and when treated with intention and we are motivated and held accountable they will typically improve.

From my point of view, as a financial planner, I would like to point out the correlation between exercising and earning. A Cleveland State University study, The Effect of Exercise on Earnings, goes into great detail (34 pages of great detail) to conclude that there is a correlation between those that exercise earn more. The most simplistic portion of the study states that those who exercise typically have more energy throughout the day, greater job satisfaction and a higher promotion rate. It continues to parallel the impact that these traits have on being far less likely to become unemployed. The higher promotion rate had a direct correlation between those that were not overweight attributing to the highest percentage of the workforce that received promotions. From personal experience with my clients over the past 19+ years of working with their personal finances, healthier individuals generally have a larger amount of discretionary income due to lower healthcare costs.


Relationally, the idea mentioned above that those who exercise have more energy and are more positive throughout the day is quite significant. Imagine the impact that couples would experience if everyone had more energy at the end of the day. Imagine the relationship change if you were able to exhibit more patience with your children due to having a better outlook and more energy. To me, this seems like one of the areas that will be impacted first and foremost.


Take charge of your health!




My pastor often states that Love is a Verb! Obviously if it is a verb it requires action. What type of action? An action that is designed specifically for the person that you love, whether your spouse, child, boyfriend or girlfriend. You must meet them where they are!


As a part of the Being Intentional process I would like to introduce a bit of a scientific approach to understanding how to communicate with and how to better understand the person that you love. We use several testing methods that uncover that exact communication styles that your spouse/partner, even children desire from you. Once you have gained a new level of understanding of these techniques we encourage that you both (Spouse/Partner/Child) team up to establish common goals and bonds like you have never done before. An American Express study, related to couples finances, indicated that 78% of couples who actively plan their life together stay together. That’s Huge!


Once we have developed an intentional approach to communicating and planning…. next comes the fun part, Implementing! We create reminder systems and goals for being intentional about staying engaged in the relationships that are most important.


I don’t believe that I have to go very deep into the explanation that it is far more financially rewarding to stay together. If you aren’t certain about what I mean, Google It!


Personal Finances


Life isn’t just about making money, but it is important. It is most important when you have someone to enjoy and share it with for a long time. However, we inherently know that it is important but many people don’t have the time or knowledge to continually investigate the right financial moves to make and when to make them. As a result many people make very few decisions or are at best reactionary, making decisions only when forced. Being intentional as it relates to your personal finances means establishing financial goals and action items that are both in line spiritually and with your future hopes and dreams.


First it is important to understand where you are financially. You can’t get to where you are going without knowing where you are! This is best accomplished with an easy to understand financial model which provides you the clarity that you desire. Next, it is important to eliminate areas where you are wasting money, but you must also maximize all of the areas where you spend money. Lastly, create action items that are monitored and that you are held accountable to achieve. This is a process that allows you to achieve a level of success that goes far beyond most peoples expectations.


The American Express study that I mentioned earlier shared these facts about couples and their financial lives.


  • 61% of couples say that discussions about household finances lead to arguments.
  • 50% of couples say the financial habits of their spouse drive them crazy.
  • 75% of couples have financial secrets they’ve kept from their spouse.

Take control! You don’t have to be like the couples in this study. Be intentional with your personal financial decisions so that it doesn’t undermine your relationships and your health.


Being intentional in the areas of your health, relationships and personal finances will create an impact on your family, friends and certainly you and that is worth it!


Hope that you will allow Drive Planning to help.









What If……

May 7, 2015 — 6 Comments

Do you know those couples who have it all together?


The ones who seem to have the perfect kids, eat at the perfect places, have the faith that you admire, great careers etc. You know that guy or that girl. Have you ever taken the time to ask them their story? I love asking them their story. How did you get to this place? Has it always been this way? These are great questions to throw out there and then simply sit back and listen. In fact, hearing someones story, really listening, is my favorite part of the work that I do as a consultant.


Almost every time you will hear that their past didn’t always look like their present. Most people weren’t an overnight success and it was smooth sailing to the top. Just the opposite. I often hear that after years of diligence their business finally clicked. Or, after their first marriage they were depressed and really struggling and now 20 years later they are happily re-married. It is common to hear about couples who have lived through hard times financially together but can now sit back and look at those times as some of the best days of their life.


The point is that success isn’t always a straight line.


When you are listening to stories like these, there is often a few common threads. In the stories like the ones above there is a point in the conversation that they say, “I just decided…” or “We just decided….” What they decided was that they were going to make a change or take charge. They were no longer going to settle for the status quo. I would phrase it that they are taking a more intentional approach to their life.


The second common thread is the phrase, What if…..


There are many things that follow the phrase What if, but is usually said with such a sense of wonder, disbelief or fear.  Like, What if…. we had not decided to stick it out. Maybe, What if…. I didn’t take that new position that I was so nervous about at the time. What if…. we had decided to not join that church or small group. What if…. we had never started saving that money every month. What if…. I had not have decided to lose that weight, where would I be now?


The awe at looking at these times in hindsight is the thought of how easily they could have missed some of the best times in life. They literally can’t imagine how differently their lives, their kids lives, marriages or careers could have turned out. At the time they didn’t realize what hung in the balance of their decisions.


When these individuals or couples share their stories with me they are always so grateful for the times that they are in currently, but most are equally grateful for the life experiences that have shaped them into who they are today. However, at the time of being in the midst of these periods of difficulty or life change the breakthrough occurred when they had the faith and the courage to take the next step.


What is the next step that you are facing? Is there a change that deep down you know needs to be made? Could it be:


  • Take a class that you need
  • Join the church
  • Start exercising
  • Join a small group
  • Start a savings plan
  • Go to the doctor
  • See a marriage counselor
  • Purchase Insurance
  • Stop cheating
  • Mend a broken relationship
  • Start a business
  • Create a Marketing Plan for your company
  • Say your sorry
  • Volunteer
  • Give money to something bigger than you
  • Grow your business



I don’t know what is on your list. Consider what you may miss by not doing whatever popped into your mind as you read the list above. I do know from my own experience and from the countless stories that I have heard over the years that when you trust God and lean on him as you take the next step you will be glad that you did. So that one day when you tell your story it will include, What if ___________, I can’t imagine where we would be today.


If you have a part of your story that you would like to share please share it with me and Drive Planning on Facebook or twitter with the hashtag #WhatIf