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Adulting 101

A Pandemic? Really? Quarantined... with the entire family? Oh come on! Strange events have led many of us to have more free time than normal.  As per our normal MO, at Drive Planning and The Life You Can Afford to Live, we seek ways to increase productivity and a...

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7 Benefits of Traveling

  1. Expands your mind. 2. Gives you perspective as to size and your place in the world. 3. Gives opportunity to worship differently 4. You have a greater world view; promoting increased tolerance and compassion but also a broader understanding of business and...

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The Dark Side of Co-Working

There has been a growing trend for sometime now that is pushing business owners out of their own real estate space. The trend of co-working environments is when companies utilize space along side of other companies within relatively the same suite, same address, same...

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Paying Off Your House

  Paying off your home is a choice about security but also a financial decision as well. There are numerous factors to consider like interest rates, length of the mortgage, down payment amount but less obvious considerations like tax deductions, opportunity cost...

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Winning Everyday

                              Happy New Year! May this be a Year of Consistent Winning!   As Drive Planning takes a minute to reflect on 2018, we have one overwhelming and resounding thought; this is why we do it! The “it” in which am referring to is...

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