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Paying Off Your House

  Paying off your home is a choice about security but also a financial decision as well. There are numerous factors to consider like interest rates, length of the mortgage, down payment amount but less obvious considerations like tax deductions, opportunity cost...

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The Foundation, Part 1: A New Lens

    Have you ever asked yourself, Am I doing all of the right things with my money? Most of us have... Establishing Wealth Objectives serves as a new lens to determine the answer to that question.

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The Foundation, Part 4: The Follow Through

  Many advisors help to purchase products, but fall of the radar once the sale is made. Other advisors have poor technology and processes that don't allow for monitoring or making changes to plans as necessary. We believe that you can't put a plan in place and...

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Guest on Talk to Terry, Real Estate Show

Terry Swanson, President of Results Realty Services, interviews Todd. They discuss some of the items that are important when considering either investing in Real Estate or upgrading your primary residence. Results Realty Services and terry swanson primarily focus on...

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