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Invest in What You Love

January 14, 2021

They say to Invest in What You Love! I have always loved Vacation Real Estate. It has a lot of great attributes that you may also love.

Here are a few from my list:

🧡 Cash Flow:

It pays you frequently and never really stops. This income can replace what you do for work.

🧡 Appreciation:

Real Estate generally increases in value

🧡 Tax Advantages:

RE allows you to use your expenses and other measures to reduce the income tax you pay.

🧡 Guests:

Guests pay before they arrive and they always leave 😂 Plus: an added bonus is that they’re generally happy since they are on vacation and pay a premium since it’s a short stay in a great place.

🧡 Travel:

Having this type of asset allows you to frequently travel to great locations. Frequently enough that you may just become a local in the area.

🧡 Leverage:

A small contribution (ie payment) gets you a substantially large asset. It’s easier to purchase a $500,000 home than it is to actually accumulate $500,000.

This is just some of my list…. feel free to add on.


Where would you want to invest into Vacation Real Estate? Share your favorite spot in the comments below or on any of our social media outlets.

Investment Property Search

February 26, 2020


Todd and Jackie Burkhalter Property Search

We recently were looking for property for several clients who desire income producing real estate along the suncoast of Florida. Being relatively new to this area we decided to take to the sky for a better view of the surrounding area.


Enjoy some of the beautiful scenery and sunset over St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island, The Don Caesar Hotel and The Boca Ciega Bay. If you would like to discuss how to create assets that produce cashflow, like real estate or others, contact me and our team at Drive Planning.


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