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In our process at Drive Planning we always begin with identifying your Hopes and Dreams which leads to setting your financial GPS; To accurately plot your course we must find the answer to a few vital questions, four to be exact. 

Allow me to summarize the four questions.


The Vital Questions of Your Financial Life


Question 1: 

What Rate of Return should your money and investment bring, for you to retire in the Current standard of living and be Certain your money will outlive you? 


Question 2:

How much do you have to Save every year, for you to Retire in your current standard of living and be certain that your money will outlive you?


Question 3:

With your current method of working and saving, what Period of Time will it take for you to retire on your current standard of living and be certain that your money will outlive you?


Question 4:

If you are staying on this pace right now with what you are doing, how much will you have to Reduce your standard of living in order to retire and with the certainty that your money will last for a lifetime?


These questions are absolutely fundamental and will ultimately become the foundation to your strategic financial decision making process. Sticking your head in the sand and avoiding these questions will not make the often times hard truth to disappear.

Facing these questions will help you gain control and lead yourself to a successful retirement. 

Next Steps…….

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Investment Property Search

February 26, 2020


Todd and Jackie Burkhalter Property Search

We recently were looking for property for several clients who desire income producing real estate along the suncoast of Florida. Being relatively new to this area we decided to take to the sky for a better view of the surrounding area.


Enjoy some of the beautiful scenery and sunset over St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island, The Don Caesar Hotel and The Boca Ciega Bay. If you would like to discuss how to create assets that produce cashflow, like real estate or others, contact me and our team at Drive Planning.


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