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Recently, I was asked a few questions from a local blog in Johns Creek. I wanted to share with you the questions and my responses here. If you would like to learn more about my campaign for Johns Creek City Council please visit my Campaign Site Todd For Georgia.


Describe your day job, and what skill set you bring to the dais.


For the past 20 years I have assisted business owners and families in their financial decision making process. Through that experience I have gained an ability to understand how to ask questions and actively listen in order to understand what is both urgent and important to all parties involved. The financial decision making process for small business owners and families alike can be emotionally and financially driven. I believe it is important to be able to effectively communicate a strategy of how to deploy income and assets in a manner which will satisfy short term short objectives as well as long term success for future generations.

The same principles which I have gained as a Financial Planner can be applied to the role of a Johns Creek City Council member. It is important to ask a lot of questions in order to understand the desires of the residents of Johns Creek today and for generations to come. Once that vision is established it is important to be able to effectively communicate to fellow council members in order to gain a consensus for the vision. As a body it is the Councils responsibility to efficiently deploy the available resources to meet the objectives for today and tomorrow.


What would you like to achieve as a City Councilperson?


As a member of the Johns Creek City Council I would like to protect to the residents/homeowners of Johns Creek’s lifestyle and financial well-being. Protecting the lifestyle of the residents of Johns Creek means working diligently to improve areas that impact them on a daily basis. For example, taking responsible steps to ease the burden of traffic.

  • Working with neighboring cities to increase traffic flow and best utilize smart traffic technologies.
  • Creating restrictive zoning, NO NEW LOW END APARTMENT COMPLEXES. So that we do not create additional cars on our already overcrowded roads.
  • Seek innovative ideas like continuous flow intersections and traffic patterns.

Ensuring the lifestyle of our residents also entails creating places in which families and friends can easily gather. For example:

  • Creating a better sense of connectivity of our neighborhoods and shops.
  • Maintain a family oriented nature to our businesses.
  • Protecting our Green Space. This helps us to not be overdeveloped but again offers places for people to exercise and enjoy being outdoors.

As a member of the Johns Creek City Council I believe that we are elected to protect the citizen’s financial interests. Two of the largest ways to protect the financial interests of our citizens:


As a Financial Planner, I often see that a home/personal residence is one of the largest investments that many people make in their lifetime. I want to protect the home values in Johns Creek.

Currently a large part of the services of Johns Creek are paid for through taxing the homeowner. I would like to reduce the tax burden to the homeowner, so that they can keep more of their income to save, spend and enjoy. As a City Council Member I would like to:

  • Shift the Tax Basis Ratio away from the Homeowner and more towards Businesses
  • Attract the right types of Businesses to our area
  • Create a More Business Friendly Climate, relative to how we tax and engage with them in our city.


Differentiate yourself from your opponent.


In this Runoff election my opponent is Scientist, Chris Coughlin. Mr. Coughlin and I differ in numerous ways, however the three primary differentiators are:


  • Fiscal Responsibility –

Mr. Coughlin desires to spend 93% or $50,000,000. of money in the Johns Creek City Reserves on one project. My financial background tells me that it is irresponsible to spend almost all of your money on one item.


  • Experience –


I have experience as a Financial Planner and also as a Small Business Owner in Johns Creek. This experience is valuable in terms of being able to understand how to balance the wants of today as a family but also to cast a vision for the future of a much larger entity.


  • Community Service & Involvement –

It is important as a City Council Member to be a community servant and involved in the community you represent. My wife, Jackie, and I have a long track record of involvement in Johns Creek and North Fulton. She and I take an active role in making the community around us a better place. We both are graduates of Leadership Johns Creek and remain on the Alumni Board of Directors. We both volunteer within PTA and Jackie is currently the Legislative Chairperson for PTSA at Northview High School. I have been active in groups throughout the city including The Chamber of Commerce, Youth Program Sponsor for The Johns Creek Arts Center, Johns Creek Business Association, Northpoint Community Church Guest Services Team, North Fulton Community Charities, World Vision, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Board Member, Project Open Hand and numerous other community service projects.


Hopefully, you have found this helpful. Again, feel free to visit Todd For Ga or follow along on Facebook, twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn. I would love to earn your vote if you are a Johns Creek Voter.

Looking For Change

September 25, 2013

Girl Holding PlantNo this isn’t the change that we continually hear discussed during elections….. This is the kind that is real, that really happens and makes a difference. The types of change that I look for are so BIG that it usually makes people stop and take notice, change directions and maybe even plan a new course for their lives.

Whenever people experience life changing events they will often times seek out someone like me, a Financial Consultant.  They are often seeking assistance in helping them to adapt their personal finances into this new way of life. Some of these most common life changing events that make people contact me are listed here:

Man holding stack of paperwork with hand on calculator with longWork Related

  • Loss of Job
  • Change in Benefits Programs
  • Awarded Stock Options
  • Received a Bonus or Pay Increase
  • Buying or Selling a Business


Family giving dog a bath.Family Related

  • Married
  • Divorced
  • Had a Child
  • Aging Parents
  • Health Change
  • Buying or Selling a Home

MC900438779Economic Related Change

  • Legal Changes
  • Stock Market Volatility
  • Estate Tax Changes
  • Real Estate Values Change

So I would ask you to assist me in being on the lookout for changes that occur in your friends lives. An introduction to someone who can help may be just what they needed.

Edging Up On Mixed News

July 23, 2012

Weekly Maket Update for July 23, 2012

Markets shook off a raft of disappointing economic data and feeble earnings reports to remain in positive
territory this week: The S&P gained 0.43%, the Dow edged up 0.36%, and the Nasdaq rose 0.58%. Persistent speculation that the Fed will step in to boost the economy seems to be bolstering markets.[i]

During his speeches before the House and Senate last week, Bernanke outlined some of the Fed’s options to help boost the economy if it is required. Easing tools could potentially include further purchases of Treasury and mortgage-backed securities, or even using the Fed’s discount window for direct lending to banks; although many critics question the ability of such actions to do lasting good.[ii]

Highlighting just how fickle stocks can be, equities initially fell as Fed Chairman Bernanke’s Wednesday testimony provided no specific plans for boosting growth, then recovered when he later signaled during Q&A that he’s concerned about the economic recovery.[iii] It’s hard not to be dumbfounded when markets move based on mere words and not on the underlying strength of companies.

Analysts believe that although the Fed has not settled on a course of intervention, either a further
decline in the job market or an increase in deflation risk will trigger action.[iv] Bernanke and his colleagues have two weeks until the next scheduled FOMC meeting in which to review economic data and make a policy decision.

Concerns about Europe dominated the second half of the week and pushed down stocks on
Friday. Ratings firm Egan Jones downgraded Spain’s sovereign debt rating from CCC+ to CC+ (closer to junk territory) following news that the Spanish region of Valencia would need government help to meet debt obligations. Egan Jones has been aggressive in its downgrading of Spanish debt, and now rates the
probability of default at 35%. Despite the recent bailout agreement, analysts worry that Spain may be hiding additional debt obligations owed by its regions.[v]

One bright spot closer to home: U.S. Housing starts increased 6.9% in June to beat consensus expectations,
and are up 23.6% versus a year ago – the highest level since October 2008. This marks the fifth straight quarter that home building is boosting the economy, and there’s still plenty of room to grow. Digging deeper into the data, both single-family and multi-family housing starts are on the rise, and the total
homes under construction (started but not yet completed) rose for the tenth straight month. Essentially, this shows that builders are breaking ground on more homes than they are completing. So while the housing market is still far from healthy, this is a sign that stabilizing prices and low interest rates are giving some Americans the confidence to trade up to new homes.[vi]