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Financial Planning

3 Common Life Insurance Mistakes

In my role as a Consultant with DDS Financial I have been conducting Life Insurance Audits, now a routine part of the firms practice. There have been a number of mistakes that the Audit process has brought to light and that we have since corrected. There are 3 most...

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The Crops Are Gone

In a matter of moments the entire 250 acres of crops had been devastated! Last month, hail and torrential rain ruined the year’s crops for a dear friend of mine.     If you know anything about farming you know that all year you plan, you sweat and talk about...

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Practice Management

Spending my career in the financial services business has afforded many great opportunities, frankly I believe it is one of the greatest careers one could choose. However, over the years I have seen it done well and sometimes not so well! Being allowed to write for...

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Looking For Change

No this isn’t the change that we continually hear discussed during elections….. This is the kind that is real, that really happens and makes a difference. The types of change that I look for are so BIG that it usually makes people stop and take notice, change...

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Do The Math!

How much do I need to save to_____________? One of the most common questions that an advisor receives. So you can fill in the blank with ideas like Retire, purchase our first home etc. etc. It is great to know what the math is behind your goals, but as astute advisors...

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