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Is Writing Dead?

October 25, 2017

Is WritingDead?


Is writing dead?

It seems like a viable question when you consider the amount internet usage that is attributed to video. In addition, much more business is being discussed via text messaging which is often abbreviated, truncated and cryptic if you aren’t up on the latest vernacular!

Personally, I love the art of writing. I didn’t say I was an expert but I do love the pursuit. Ensuring that proper pronunciation and spelling are in place and technically accurate is a skill. I fear it is a skill that will diminish over time when/if we become reliant on the fast and furious pace of video and shortened messages.

Fear Filled Facts:

  • By end of 2017, online video will account for 74% of all online traffic (KPCB).
  • 4x as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it (Animoto).
  • YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of all people on the internet (YouTube).

No Fear of Change

Please do not mistake my message for a fear of change. I love being an early adopter to technology and utilize different mediums to communicate personal and corporate messaging. So, frankly maybe its just a little bit of nostalgia or an opining for the traditional that is the source of this blog, but certainly not the fear of change.


Practically Speaking (or Writing)

Cursive quoteWriting has a tremendous value to the person who is a student and takes the time to put pen to paper. And yes, I do actually like pen and paper as I sit and type on my MacBook Pro😉

Writing helps the author:


  • Organize thoughts
  • Become a better speaker and communicator
  • Get published and recognized as an authority or subject matter expert
  • Organized thoughts and presentations helps in becoming a better sales person, trainer or educator
  • It just feels good (Personal Opinion)


Regardless of how the internet traffic and corporate communication plays out the choice is yours! My encouragement would be to start writing! Sharing your thoughts and best ideas whether its via journaling, blogging or letters to someone you love will make for a great and lasting legacy for future generations.

Thank you for following my writings and longings at The Life You Can Afford to Live. Please also follow the diminutive writings which occur at Twitter and Facebook. However, if you just have to watch check out My YouTube Channel🙂


Why I Love Twitter

November 19, 2015

Social Media is often portrayed as evil and killing our society. I will be the first to agree that social media has created some negative influences in our societies behavior. However, in this post I am highlighting some positives that this new virtual world has created for me. Twitter is far and away my favorite of all on-line venues and here are 8 reasons why twitter is my favorite of all social media outlets.


Twitter Is Fast Paced

The fast paced nature of twitter makes it very appealing. Twitter users rarely ever get push back for posting to frequently which often occurs on other media outlets. The continuous and fast paced flow of data has also allowed it to become one of the first places people learn of news events as they are occurring.

Virtual Relationships Create New Real Life Relationships

Getting know someone through following them on-line allows for real relationships to develop easily. This medium isn’t always as filtered with a glossy lens like most Facebook posts, thus allowing you to learn how someone really operates. The ease and non-invasive way of following and learning about people who live, work and play right around you allows users to create relationships easily with similar minded people.

Virtual Relationships Enhance Current Real Life Relationships

All virtual relationships, I believe, are enhanced through following on-line. It allows you to keep up with your friends in a busy world where time doesn’t always permit that relational commitment. However, the nature of twitter allows for a more personal look at all of peoples likes, dislikes, hobbies and ambitions. Again, i believe it is because of the less filtered nature of the posting method and socially acceptable frequency.

Twitter Makes Me A Better Writer

As someone who loves to write it is often easy to use more words than necessary. Being limited to 140 characters forces you to use minimal words, yet intelligently get your point across. It has also provided me with additional relationships and outlets to share my thoughts through blogging.


It is the online location where Hashtagging or using the # sign as a way to categorize subjects became prevalent. Thus, allowing subjects that interest you to searched for and grouped easily. The marketing ease that comes from hashtagging has created entire new campaign strategies for companies and their products. Searching hashtags, for me, has become a place where I can readily get the popular sentiment of our society on certain products or issues.

Twitter Develops Fans

Twitter allows for people, interests and even causes to go viral faster than any other media. You can create loyal followers or even fans in this outlet like no other (Arguable that YouTube and Instagram are competing now, but twitter was first). Fans are the 21st Century version of loyalty that marketers are crave to sell and rave about their products. It seems to be easier here because it has less to do with your friend base or geography than most other social media. On the flip side it has forced Customer Service or “Customer No Service Depts.” to be held accountable because negative service issues can also spread at viral rate.

I Read More

I find myself reading more because of the content that I source on twitter. As an avid reader it allows me to research authors, books and news stories quickly. In addition to the speed, I find content which I may have normally missed thus expanding my points of view for my writing, speaking and personal education.


Twitter Impacts Leadership

Twitter provides an outlet for a leader to share the direction for their organization or company. When those around you follow you on-line you are forced to express your beliefs and desires. Twitter becomes the voice of your brand or even the culture that you desire to cultivate.


So, I invite you to follow me on my favorite media, Twitter. Try it out for yourself but if you aren’t convinced we can still meet up elsewhere…. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest. There are plenty to choose from in our virtual world but I still prefer to meet for a drink and a good ol’ face to face meeting!


How often do you see blog posts or corporate web sites that have a poor design? Many blogs in particular or small company sites are not well thought out or easy to navigate. My site normally discusses business and financial planning matters, but this guest post shares some important marketing tips. Anny Solway has provided tips on how to draw your reader to exactly where you would like them to focus. So a special thanks to Anny for sharing her knowledge here with me and my readers.


Here is a secret that many people do not know: you can lead people where you want on your website. In fact, this is a tool that many businesses are using on a regular basis, but it may not be a tool that you are using. Of course, this does not mean forcing readers to go to one page or another. Instead, it means using subtle details to lead the readers, and this can be a great way to get more business. Additionally, this does not mean doing anything unethical or underhanded. Instead, it is all about drawing attention to things you want attention drawn to. Here are some things you need to do on your website to lead readers where you want.

The Layout

To begin with, the layout of the page is important. You need to create a layout that highlights the important details that you want the most attention drawn to. One of the best ways to do this is through <a href=””> WordPress templates </a>. These themes include built-in layouts that draw the reader’s eyes where you want them.

Make sure you choose a layout that reflects your business properly and that allows you to have the freedom to include information most important to your business.

The Content

Another way to draw the reader where you need them to go on your site would be the content that you use. Here are some tips to help you.

  • Do you sell certain products? Highlight pictures of those products to pique reader attention to those products specifically.
  • Do you need to provide information? Make sure the text that is important is the first thing that the reader sees.
  • Are you offering a special or sale? This should be highlighted brightly and in accurate detail right when the reader visits the page.
  • When you highlight the right content, something important will happen. What you highlighted will pique the interest of the reader and they will be much more likely to click on links so that they may find out more.One of the best uses of your company website is to sell your business without pushing readers into buying. You need to use subtle and helpful methods to draw readers to important information about your company, whether that information has to do with products, content, or something else. Make sure you use the right layout and make sure you are highlighting the right information to make this happen.About AuthorAnny Solway is a creative writer at – a top provider of WordPress Templates. She is passionate about studying online marketing industry and sharing informative tips.

    You can follow and learn more about Anny at these locations: